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I'm not a medical professional.   My words here are solely from my own personal experiences with COPD. 

If you have COPD, please seek the advice of a licensed medical professional.   My posts are not intended to take the place of competent medical care.

Please understand that all users of this website are responsible for their own medical care. Content provided is for informational purposes, only.

The content is not intended to establish a standard of care. You should never disregard or delay the seeking of medical advice relating to your own treatment because of information provided in this blog.

Science and medicine are rapidly advancing. therefore, the information on this webiste or on the linked websites could be outdated and should not be considered complete or exhaustive

The author of this website does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, products or procedures.

Readership of this blog dictates that you acknowledge you are solely responsible for your own care and treatment.  Reliance on any information provided on this website or any linked websites is solely at your own risk.

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