The Writer

Hello! Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Veronica Lee and I am at stage 4 in my COPD Journeys.

I'll share more about my COPD throughout this website, but right now, I want to get a little personal!

My Family

I have 4 beautiful grown children and 3 and a half grandchildren (one is on the way).  Crystal, Stephan, Amber, and Heather have been my blessings and my joy!

share a home with my husband,  in the great state of Texas,  USA.  This is an image of us when we first got married many moons ago.  Ours is an amazing love story. 

The most interesting thing about our love, now, is that we know it's absolutely real. We married 30 years ago when we were so young. It wasn't the right time for us and we parted ways. He and I both went on to have families separately.  A few years ago, we found our way back to each other.  He is literally my rock.

My Former Career

For many years I was a graphic artist and photographer.  I enjoyed a career as an Assistant District Manager with Olan Mills Portrait Studios and helped oversee the training and production of eleven studios in the South Florida region.   I've also had the pleasure of using my skills as a graphic artist at American Express.

My Hobbies

I was diagnosed with COPD in October of 2016.  It's been a battle that I have learned to fight every day.  Before this disease struck, I enjoyed activities as most do.  Hiking, cooking, writing, running and spending time in nature, were my favorite past times.

I've been creative all my life.  It's one of the ways I clear my mind.  Making art is as relaxing to me as meditating.  I still draw when I'm able to and post my art on Instagram.  I also find a lot of fun playing with this website.  Tomorrow, you might visit and the look could totally change.  It occupies my mind when all I can do is sit and rest...  and breath.

The Future

Twenty years ago, I wrote a few stories for my children.  I am happy to announce that the first story I ever wrote for them is in the works for a rewrite and will soon be published!  As I am also an artist, I will be illustrating the book myself!

My Motivation.

I created this blog for 4 reasons.
1. To leave my thoughts behind for my family. 
2. To offer help to others living with this disease.
3. To do my part to help bring awareness to COPD.
4. To let the things in my head out before they explode!

My Offering

It is so important, as someone who suffers from a chronic illness, to have outlets. Whether it be people to vent to in the form of a support group, a diary/journal or a blog, getting your feelings out is crucial to your mental health as one battle this disease.

My Message

The coping skills I use and list throughout this blog can be applied to anyone, not just those who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness.  My hope for you, while you are on these pages, is that you find the hope you are looking for!  I'm always here if you want to talk.  Just reach out to me.  There's a contact form on the left sidebar.  Your message will reach me, directly.

I am on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest @copdjourneys
The icon links for all of my Social Media sites are on the Social Media Links page under the "Fun Stuff" page heading.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope you find something here that helps!
Veronica Lee


  1. I love you sis 😍 your awesome🤗 this is a good thing for you to do 😉 I'm so very proud of your strength and determination and your attitude😎 I'm here for you every step of the way😊

    1. Thank you Sister! My biggest champion! It does my heart good to see your comment here! I appreciate you and love you so uch! Thank you for always believing in me!!! 🌹❤🌹


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