Wednesday, July 17, 2019



What kinds of images come to mind when you think of these words? Old cars? Old clothing? Antiques? If I drove up to your house in a shiny, black on black 1969 Ford Mustang GT500, you would probably think, "Woah! What a classic!".  You might even ask me if it still had all its original parts!

Consider for a moment that these terms also apply to people.  If that's the case, then today is the day.  I am now officially considered a "Classic".  I turned 50 at midnight. No fanfare or hoopla.  No shindig or jamboree.  (Though my husband has promised me chocolates and Brie Cheese, later. Two of my favorites, Not to be consumed simultaneously.). 

Today is just a gentle passing of time.  A birthday.  An anniversary of life.  A gentle reminder of the day my mother pushed me out into this world from the cozy confines of her swollen womb.

Without the advent of the calendar and timekeeping devices, we wouldn't even notice our birthdays.

I've been waiting for this day for the past two years.  Most people don't look forward to turning 50.  I, on the other hand, welcome it.  There were many times on this journey that I thought I wouldn't make it this far. 

Today marks a turning point.  I am officially over the hill and on the downward slope.  In some ways, I'm on a downward spiral, too.  But even with COPD, I am discovering that there are still a few things to look forward to. I'm learning I can still reach certain goals.  I have COPD. It does NOT Have me!

Some goals I had for this year that I'm now achieving are these...

  • I created, designed and am writing my own website/blog about COPD
  • I'm connecting others who have chronic illnesses and forming friendships
  • I'm rewriting children's books I wrote 20 years ago and will soon seek publication
  • I'm pushing forward with my appeal for disability
  • I'm making and maintaining friendships
  •  I'm bonding closer with my family

There are a lot of things that I simply cannot do anymore. My lungs just won't allow it.  I can still do something.  I'm reaching my goals from my bed, and while on oxygen, but I'm achieving them.

Yes, it's true.
I have one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel. 
I'm not letting that stop me from doing anything I can to enjoy this slippery ride.  One day, I won't be able to. 

Turning 50 isn't bad...
not when one considers the alternative.

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