Thursday, July 4, 2019

Vacation Time?

Oh, the wonderful places we could go!  The wind blowing across our cheeks, the fun in the sun, the shopping and cruises!  It's a nice thought, but it's not a likely scenario, for me.

Although the idea of venturing off to a faraway land is very appealing, I have this one little limitation that won't allow it.  My COPD.

At this stage of the game, travel isn't an option for me. Just going to the store in town needs 2 or 3 days of recovery time. I've always wanted to travel, though.

About four years ago, I got a passport in anticipation of a cruise ship job that I'm now glad I didn't get. There are reasons for the "No's" in life.  I would have had to quit soon after signing on.  In any case, my passport... it's never been used. My passport hangs out in the side pocket of my purse, daydreaming about a fancy stamp from Tahiti.

Not being able to go doesn't stop me from wanting to go. The desire has always been there. Doing an Asia tour was on my Bucket List for a long time. I removed it from the list when I got sick a year after I got my passport. Visiting Japan, Korea, Thailand, Tibet, Vietnam and China still fascinate me.

I now do the next best thing.
When I've finished scrolling on social media and need to switch things up a bit, I take a break and go to YouTube to "visit" the places I've always wanted to see.  If YouTube counted, I've been to all of the Asian hotspots. I've also been to Egypt. Greece, Italy, France and Germany, to name a few.

If the way you want to do something doesn't or can't work for you, find another way.

Since I'm an artist I'm always looking for ways to be ceeative. I'll more than likely never use my passport in reality, so I came up with a neat way to decorate its pages. I have to find some way to put it to use! I concocted the notion that I could draw the stamps into the passport for the places I've visited by video. Yes? No? Just a thought.

Keeping the mind active and occupied is vital to a person with limited mobility. Puzzles, drawing, reading, watching documentaries and meditating are just some of the ways I've chosen to keep my mind as sharp as possible in the face of a life with COPD.

I've found some apps for my phone that will allow me to do more of my video traveling that I love so much. I have a portion of my day devoted to video travels.

The best benefits of traveling by video are...
•No packing
•No sunburns
•No house sitter
•No extra suitcase for souvenirs
Who really needs a monkey in a hula skirt carved out of a coconut, anyways?

Hopefully these new apps I've just downloaded can take me on some fantastic journeys! If not, then it's back to Youtube for my adventures.  I'm already a loyal subscriber to several travel channels! YouTube said so! So, there's that.

I'm leaving at 10 a.m. for an Alaskan Cruise.
I'll be back before lunch!

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