Thursday, July 4, 2019

Rockin' The Pixie

Growing hair out to the rump takes time, patience and an extreme amount of care. I had very long hair for many years. Dying, washing, blow drying and styling it took a huge amount of time and energy. With COPD, those are luxeries I can no longer aford to invest in.

Most women are raised believing that their hair is their beauty. If this philosophy doesn't come directly from the family. It comes from society. It's ingrained in us from the time we learn to walk. It started with the Barbie Dolls we played with. It followed us into the supermarket checkout lines with the magazines we see.

We are constantly bombarded with imagery of beautiful women swooshing their long hair around after a shower with "XYZ" hair product. When is the last time you saw a woman with a pixie cut in an advertisement for shampoo and conditioner?

A few weeks ago, I asked my sister in law to cut my hair by half of its length. This took my hair up to the bottom of my shoulder blades. It was only slightly easier to manage than when it was to my hips. It still took almost as much time to care for it. I knew I had to go shorter.

This was a frightening thought for me. I loved my long hair. It had almost become a trademark of mine. I still harboured feelings of self vanity toward my own hair and the image its length projected to society. I could no longer find the energy to continue with this false notion for vanity"s sake.

I started showing pictures of the songbird P!nk to my husband and sister in law. The singer P!nk has super short hair. I wanted my husband to see her hairstyle because I needed him to get used to it. I needed to do this one way or the other.  He really loves long hair on women. For my sister in law, I had to convince her to do it.  She has been to beauty school but was afraid she would ruin it.  Not that she couldn't do it,  but that I wouldn't like it being so short once it was done.

They both came around to the idea and a week ago, we did it. She took it up to the bottom of my neck and made the sides and back super short. The top has height for days!

I lost about twenty six inches of hair in all over the course of 3 hair cuttings in a weeks time. 2 of them were on the same day as we continued to go shorter.  I loved it right away as soon as I looked in the mirror.  I knew I had done the right thing. My sanity and my health depended on it.

I must confess, I do very much miss my long locks. What I don't miss, however, is how much more drained I felt after a shower because if it. Now, my hair takes 15 seconds to wash, and a minute and a half to blowdry into an easy, carefree style.

I know I can never grow my long hair again. As time progresses, so does my COPD. It's just not in the cards for me again. My long hair had it's time. Now it's time for me! Everyone has gotten used to my short-short hair now... and I must say I am quite enjoying rocking the pixie!

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