Friday, July 12, 2019

It's Only Laundry

I used to be an "all or nothing" person. If I didn't think I could do it all, quickly, my motto was "I ain't doin' nuthin'!"

That's how it is for a lot of us, isn't it? We see seemingly insurmountable tasks as unatainable if we can't do something right away.

Living with a Chronic Illness has changed my mind about that approach. It simply doesn't' work for someone with COPD.

Almost nothing I need to do gets done if I maintain old philosophies. It's a much different life, now. The life approach must have permission to change.

Breaking tasks up into manageable splits is how we get it done.

Instead of rushing to get laundry done in a couple of hours, break it up. In the morning, throw the laundry in the washer. Afternoon, move it to the dryer. Evening, get someone to help you fold and put away, if you can. An even better idea would be to inspire someone to do it for you.

• Delegate
• Redirect
• Compromise

There is no shame in asking for help. Unless you don't mind wrinkled clothes. If that's the case, (and it's ok if it is) save the putting away until tomorrow.

I haven't owned an iron in years! I still have laundry in the basket to put away! I'm not worried about it, though. No one I know cares whether I have wrinkled laundry, or not. If they do care, what they think about it is none of my business! My life goes on either way!

It took me a while to learn to ask for help. I sometimes still struggle with it. After all, we don't want to feel needy. However, self care is not needy. It's self-preserving. At this point in the game, we could all benefit from a little of that!

In the end, taking care of yourself, first, is paramount to any endeavor.

So what if it doesn't get done in one day? Take 2 or 3! Give yourself the freedom to go as slow as you need to. Especially if it's only you, and there simply is no one to help you.

•Take your breaks.
•Learn to live with wrinkled shirts.
•Remember to breathe.

After all... it's only laundry.

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