Friday, July 12, 2019


If you want to get inside someone's mind, listen to the music that moves them. The songs that make them get up and dance, and the songs that make them cry tell a novel about who they innately are as a person.

What they feel...
   what they love...
      what they fear...
         what they desire...
can all be heard clearly in the lyrics of a song.

I sometimes find myself listening to my favorite songs for hours. The videos are a nice distraction from the things that make me cry some days.

Yes... I can be a crybaby. It's an OK thing to do. Everyone needs a good cry once in a while. It releases the weight of the soul.

To let worries and cares flow out like a waterfall, smashing against the jagged rocks below, is releasing.  It's cathartic. What emerges from the broken aftermath is renewed strength.   Things become clearer. Thoughts are less jumbled. Life becomes easier to bare. Good music does that to me.

I've made a page at that tells a lot about me. I've spilled my soul into my articles, but nothing is more telling about me than the melodies sandwiched between each other on the "Music Videos" page.

In no particular order, much like the thoughts in my mind, I've given you a glimpse into who I am by the music I have shared.  It is, by no means, an all-inclusive list. It's a start, though.

I hope you pay a visit to the "Music Videos" page and enjoy some of what makes me tick.

And if you figure me out by the music I chose to post, please drop me a line! 

I've been trying to figure me out for years.


  1. Loving your take on things very refreshing.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! It's comments like this that inspire me to write more!

      Very much appreciated!
      Veronica Lee


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