Wednesday, July 3, 2019

An Act of Compassion

I've said it before.  "Put it out into the universe, and the universe conspires to make it happen." This very thing just happened in my life a few days ago.  I had a need. I put it out into the universe believing that somehow it would happen.  The universe does not disappoint.

 I had made a post on the private group that I belong to, on Facebook for COPD. The post talked about the shortness of my tubing for my stationary oxygen concentrator, and how limited my reach is. I couldn't go far beyond the end of my bed with the tubing that I had.

One of the members of the group saw my post and sent me a private message that she had extra tubing and wanted to send it to me. Of course I said yes to this and sent her my address. The news of this made me incredibly happy, and grateful.

Two days ago, the package arrived. There wasn't just one piece of 50 foot tubing, but two!  I was elated! She and I initially had a concern that maybe the tubing wouldn't fit my oxygen concentrator. I was very happy to see it fit perfectly!

It means more to me than she could ever know.  Because my tubing was so short that I mostly had to stayed in my room to use my oxygen. Not anymore!

What she gave me wasn't just tubing. She gave me freedom. Freedom to sit with my family and watch tv. Freedom to make a sandwich without nearly collapsing.  Freedom to step outside and smell the roses on the bush when they bloom.

Human kindness should never go unnoticed. It is, after all, our compassion that makes us human. There have been times I have felt that compassion was lost to this world.  I know compassion is still a part of our humanity.

50 foot tubing may seem like a small thing, in the grand scheme of things. It isn't.  Not when one considers the freedom 50 foot tubing provides.  Acts of kindness like the one she exhibited towards me proves that this is still a good world to be a part of.


  1. This is such a powerful account of how faith, law of attraction work. As you said if you put out to the Universe and allow the Universe to deliver your desire to you, the Universe will deliver every single time. I love that you took the time to acknowledge this act of kindness. Made my day even brighter to read this.

    1. You said it exactly! Being ill all the time makes me doubtful sometimes whether or not the universe even works for us anymore. Kindness, like the one my friend showed, restores faith in humanity. I'm so glad your day was brighter by this post! Thank you for your comment!


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