Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Courage to Sit

Sometimes, when we aren't even looking for it, inspiration reaches up and grabs us by the heart. We stumble upon a person so full of light, that it feels as if their soul is shooting a beam of hope right into us.

Recently, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when just such a person appeared. I wasn't looking for anything in particular at the time. But one of her pictures came up. I follow the hashtag #copd. She's had this hashtag.

I read the caption under the photo.
"Met wonderful, passionate and caring people - all serving to bring awareness to the nations 4th leading cause of death in this country - COPD. Help bring awareness to COPD."  The image was of Gigi Brown (the poster of the image) and two other women.

I felt compelled to hit the heart button and write a reply to her post. That, in itself, is a miracle. I don't do that very often. She commented back almost right away. One thing leads to another and we started following each other on Instagram.

Gigi and I have spoken often since I first saw that image. The more we talked, the more I wanted to know her. By going through her Instagram feed, it didn't take me long to learn that she is an author and motivational speaker. Reading her posts and comments compelled me to want to read her book, myself. I wanted to know where her strength came from.

I went to my Kindle app on my phone to see if it was available. It absolutely was! I bought it and started reading right away. The more I read, the more I began to see parallels between Gigi and I. Being drawn to her writing, I couldn't put it down.

Her book "The Courage to Sit" is inspirational, empowering, enlightening and motivational. In her book, she takes the reader on a 40-day journey through the self-transforming the power of meditation. It isn't meditation like you've ever experienced before. It's a meditation of self-awareness and self-discovery that calls on a certain aspect of your own life to guide you. It's not only meditation to calm, but meditation with a purpose beyond the calm... to understand yourself better. By digging deep into the buried places of your mind, into the things you thought you forgot, an awakening unfolds.

You have seen the image of her book on the sidebar to this blog. I put it there because her voice must be shared with the world! I can't keep this kind of awe-inspiring wisdom to myself!

Gigi and I call each other "Kindred Spirits". Put a thought out into the universe and the universe conspires to make it happen. There are no accidents in this life. We met for a reason.

She and I both understand that everything we have lived through has brought us to the place we are in our lives, right now. Everything we have ever experienced has prepared us to be the strong women we are, right now. It's given us the tools of transformation on a higher level.

In spite of perceived shortcomings, abuses, illnesses, and pitfalls we have all faced, we have the power already within us for self-awareness and dynamic, powerful change. The ability to become self-aware gives us our own power back, to make positive transformations in our lives.

Shifting our mindset is a difficult journey. It's also necessary in order to live the fullest life we possibly can. Her book 'The Courage to Sit" is the tool we can use to help get us there.

Gigi's writing style draws one in, and gives the feeling that we are witnessing her experiences in a powerful way! It also helps us see we can achieve that, too.

What one can do, another can do.

The nuances Gigi Brown uses helps us to understand that our thoughts are powerful. She brings to light our own abilities to connect our mind and our desires with the fruits of the Universe. This book has been the catalyst I needed to realize my own potential, mentally, and further understand the connectedness we all share with each other.

I encourage you to get Gigi Brown's book, The Courage to Sit and let yourself be transformed!  Click the book image below to go to Gigi's website for the book.

Also available at Amazon and on the Amazon Kindle App.

Find Gigi on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @GigiBrownSpeaks

UPDATE:  I had the pleasure of designing a new website for Gigi with all if the info she wanted to convey!
Visit the new site BY CLICKING HERE!

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