Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Poem: Each Breath

Most days are hard. I live them stongly.
Each breath takes work, but still, I breathe.
My hope, it fades. Some days just slay me.
Most days still find me on my knees.

But every day I keep on trying.
Every day I love this life.
More blessed than cursed, I keep on fighting.
I won't succumb to pain or strife.

You'll see me smile when I'm in pain.
I've learned to hide myself that way.
One day I'll let this sickness take me.
But, no, today is not that day.

Life isn't roses. I won't wallow.
I'll do my best to carry on.
You'll see me smile in spite of weakness.
You'll get my best until I'm gone.

Written by Veronica Lee

#COPD #emphysema #copdawareness #cantbreathe #lungs #lungdisease
#chronicillness #chronicdisease #breathe  #justbreathe #pulmonaryfibrosis #bronchitis

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