Saturday, June 29, 2019

Lung Limbo

Sherie. She's my older sister. Four years older, to be exact. She's been my champion and shown me such unwavering love throughout my COPD Journey. We're two hours away from each other but there is no distance of the hearts where Sherie is concerned. She is the reason I have oxygen, right now.

Let me tell you how that happened. As my disease has progressed and breathing has become more difficult, my doctor said I needed to be on oxygen. The doctor said this a year ago and would have prescribed it, except for the fact that she knows I'm in "Lung Limbo".

"Lung Limbo" is a term I coined for my own delima with our current health care system in the United States, in relation to COPD patients. I have no insurance so my doctor is actually at a sliding-fee-scale clinic. Also, I am in the appeals process with disability so I can't get medicare yet. Everything is out of pocket for me. This means there is very little healthcare and procedures I can currently afford. Make that none, actually. "Lung Limbo ".

My doctor has referred me to a Pulmonologist. She thinks it's best if the prescription for oxygen comes from a specialist. The cheapest one where I live for an out-of-pocket patient is $200. That's just to walk in the front door, tests not included. Needless to say, I haven't beem to a pulmonologist since two and a half years ago when I was first diagnosed in a hospital.

That pretty much sums up my "Lung Limbo". The fact that I can't afford a pulmonologist to get the prescription for oxygen really upset Sherie. She and I both believe that money should not be the determining factor in whether or not a person gets the care they need in order to survive. But it is. In this country, it seems so many die because they can't afford the medical treatments that would have prolonged their lives.

Sherie decided to take matters into her own hands. She bought me a stationary oxygen concentrator. I can't take it with me, so this severely limits my mobility. I'm limited to how far my tubing will reach. But I can breathe somewhat better with the oxygen this machine provides. It's doing the trick until another solution is found.

My doctor is aware of all of this and even aware of the type of unit I'm using. She has OK'd it for me to use. Still, no prescription yet.

I have a phone call with disability and my attorney on a 3 way call on my 50th birthday, exactly. On July 17th we start the ball rolling on my appeal. That date can't come soon enough. I started the process with my disability application 8 or 9 months ago. For a person who cant breath, that's an eternity. It stll boggles my mind how they could deny someone so sick.

Getting out and about is nearly impossible for me, as my condition has worsened. Besides the Oxygen Concentrator, Sherie also gave me a wheelchair that she wasn't using. She has been one of my biggest blessings through all of this. As if those two items weren't enough, she also found the attorneys I'm using for my appeal. And she's doing all of this from 2 hours away.

I'm pretty sure if my doctor said I needed a lung transplant, Sherie would find the donor before the transplant team could! That's just like my sister. Thats how she is. Selfless, devoted and concerned. She's as concerned about my illness as I am. That's the true definition of unwavering love.

So if you ever find yourself in "Lung Limbo" like me, hit me up!
I'll give you Sherie's number! 🤣


  1. Forever & Always My Sweet Sister�� Forever & Always��

    1. I love you so much Sherie an ! am so grateful to you for giving me part of my life back!


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