Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of goals or things you want to do.  Typically, it is for things you want to experience before you die. The term "Bucket List" is believed to get it's name from the phrase "Kick the  Bucket" which was thought to originated during the middle ages in England.

There are several theories on where this term started, but one explainaion is related to a method of suicide or execution, when people would stand on a bucket to hang themselves. They would kick the bucket from under them and drop sharply to their death.

Another theory comes from an old way of slaughtering pigs where the pig is hung upside down with a bucket placed below his head as he is slaughtered. The blood would collect in the bucket.  As the pig convulsed and contorted in death, his dangling foot would "kick the bucket" beneath him.  In any case, "kicking the bucket" has come to be known as a moniker death.
So back to the bucket list... I had one at one time.

My bucket list has been completed for 2 years now.

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